Densetsu No Kateikyoushi

Alternative Titles
Synopsis Densetsu No Kateikyoushi
Naoya Koga should live alone because his parents transfers by the order of father's company before entrance examination. He already give up his pass directly on graduation but his parents hire very excellent & pass directly on graduation private teacher, Haruki Machida for their son. Haruki assures Naoya's direct pass of S univ because he has succeeded for 9 previous students and Naoya is the last one for his prize. They work hard but are flung down a challenge by Haruki's rival teacher who will make his student enter W univ. If Naoya fails to enter W univ, the rival can take Haruki! Naoya despairs but soon recovers because Haruki promises something if Naoya can pass W univ. Naoya studies hard but suffers from too strong sexual desire for Haruki. Then another rival appears. He was an ex-student of Haruki and says Naoya is too fool for Haruki. Naoya tries to fire Haruki but can not give up Haruki. Naoya asks Haruki to come back again. Naoya wonders "What is Haruki's *something?" and he can confirm it is "making love with Haruki". Naoya nearly rapes Haruki but can control his urge desperately. After passing W univ, Naoya knows Haruki can go to america by his prize. Naoya wonders he lets Haruki go to abroad or not... (from Slash-kun)
Nishimura Shuuko
Created On
February 01, 2024
Updated On
February 01, 2024