Darenimo Iwanaide

Alternative Titles
ダレニモイワナイデ ; 不要告诉任何人 ; Dare nimo Iwanai de ; Dare nimo Iwanaide ; Darenimo Iwanai de
Synopsis Darenimo Iwanaide
While taking a short cut across campus to get to work, Shirahama Miharu interrupts a rendezvous between playboy Sumikawa Kaichi and his girlfriend and accidentally witnesses their breakup. Kaichi is not only unconcerned but actually helps Miharu jump the locked gate so he can make it to work in time. As Miharu thanks Kaichi, offering to repay him with lunch, he blurts out that Kaichi is always with different girls because he's too fickle. No one's ever been so candid to Kaichi before and the novelty and Miharu are fascinating. Is this the beginning of friendship or...?
Fukiyama Rico
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024