Colorful Harvest

Alternative Titles
からふるはーべすと ; The Catcher in the Grapes
Synopsis Colorful Harvest
Ryosuke returns back to his birthplace to help run his family's vineyard after his father gets hospitalized. He has sour memories of his hometown after being shut down by the girl next door, who he admired from day one. That's the whole reason why he's never returned after moving to Tokyo, to attend College, 3 years ago. Despite his reluctant return, Ryosuke happens to be quite popular with the ladies. His sexual endeavors start off with a fling with a former high school classmate, a charming girl working at his parent's vineyard, and a sexy nurse. He even manages to allure the girl next door who he has been dreaming of his whole life but...
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Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024