Candy Life

Alternative Titles
キャンディ・ライフ ; 凤凰灰姑娘 ; Candy ♥ Life ; Kyandi Raifu ; Sweet ♥ Life
Synopsis Candy Life
( From, Angel~kurumi. xD ) The series basically talks about, which Makoto will choose. Life's been hard on her lately. She doesn't have money and a man. But, suddenly, things will turn in the bright side. But, just who will she choose between the them? The 39 year-old man or the hot 19 year-old guy which is the 39 year-old's sort of adopted son. Who will give her the sweetest life? From Baka-Updates: Life has been hard on Makoto lately, and she's nowhere close to her wish. She wishes to have a sweet, sweet life. When she's at the lowest of her luck, after her boyfriend took all her money and split, she's rescued by the handsome and rich Aeda CEO. To make things stranger, when she's supposed to get married to the ceo, she fools around with his son, without knowing his identity! Will she be able to find and choose the man that will be able to give her a sweet life?
Ogawa Yayoi
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024