Blue Checkerboard

Alternative Titles
Aqua Blue Chess Board ; Blue Checkerboard ; Bàn Cờ Màu Xanh Nước Biển ; Shui Lan Se Qi Ju ; Shuǐ Lán Sè Qí Jú ; 水蓝色棋局
Synopsis Blue Checkerboard
Lin Bo and Zheng Xiaotao have always been secretly attracted to each other, but because they don't know of each other's feelings, they're too embarrassed to confess. Helpless, they each turn to their own sisters. Lin Bo's little sister is a great god-like BL writer, while Zheng Xiaotao's elder sister is a great god-like BL novel reader. The two girls, priding themselves on their perfect qualifications, supply the two with a wealth of ideas. A light-hearted romantic comedy thus begins...
Liang Azha
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024