Basilis No Musume

Alternative Titles
バシリスの娘 ; Bashirisu no Musume ; Daughter of Basilis ; Daughter of Brasilis
Synopsis Basilis No Musume
It's 1925. Baron Midorikawa has a difficult mare named Basilis, and the only one who is able to ride it is Momiji, a stable girl. Baron Midorikawa has a nephew, Awa, whom he hates and uses only as a business tool. Somehow, Momiji and Awa fall in love, but Momiji dies soon after. Now in 1977 Tokyo, everyone has been reincarnated and will meet again.... From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Japan, 1920: Momiji is the only person who can ride the Baron Midorkawa's unruly horse, Basilis. A romance blossoms between Momiji and Awa, the baron's nephew, but that romance ends in tragedy. Seventy years later, they will be reborn and will meet again...
Saitou Chiho
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024