Asa Mo, Hiru Mo, Yoru Mo

Alternative Titles
朝も、昼も、夜も。 ; Asa mo Hiru mo Yoru mo ; Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo ; Asamo Hirumo Yorumo ; I Will Wait For You Backstage ; Morning, Noon and Night ; You're the Only One I See, to the Point That It Saddens Me ; Umaga, Tanghali at Gabi,Сутрин,Обед,Вечер (Bulgarian) ; Morgens, Mittags, Abends (German) ; في الصباح و في الظهر و في المساء (Arabic)
Synopsis Asa Mo, Hiru Mo, Yoru Mo
Shinobu is a typical high school girl...with an atypical hatred of boys. Long ago, she was horribly raped in a dark room by one and hasn't been able to tolerate being near them since. Now Yokomizo has appeared before her--a boy who looks exactly like the one who raped her in the past. He's the last guy she wants to have around, but then he confesses his love to her.
Aoki Kotomi
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024