Alternative Titles
飴と鞭 ; Ame to Muchi (UCHIDA Kaoru) ; Stick ; Carrot and Stick
Synopsis Ametomuchi
Chapter 5 - "Basically a guy, who is madly in love with his stepfather, tries to suppress his feelings and goes on to try to lead a normal life, i.e. get a girlfriend, get married, etc. Unfortunately he finds it very hard to forget about the love of his life..." --fishballsoup From Baka-Updates: 6) The passionate straight The return of the baseball couple from the second chapter of Damatte Naite Irunodesu. 8) Sakanaya no ossan ga Haruto has been going out with the "old man" at the fish shop, Kurumi, for a month. But lately Kurumi always seems to have something else to do than be with Haruto. Is their relationship going to last?
Uchida Kaoru
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024