Agetai Kimochi

Alternative Titles
アゲタイキモチ ; Rising Feelings
Synopsis Agetai Kimochi
from Blissful Sin: "I want to satisfy my heart and body…!” What does it mean to become a pair of lovers? Confessing love, having sex, does that alone make you lovers? When did the feeling of falling in love become a greedy luxury? A special publication, ��œRising Feelings” and more, in this large compilation full of hard romantic love stories! *********** This volume also features two couples that first appeared in her other work Anbalance Lover. Arisaka x Shirafuji from ch8 here and ch1 in AL. Eiji x Yuusuke from ch2 here and ch7 in AL. Chapter 5's Yano x Inoue are a sequel to Chapter 1 in Body Check
Yoshihara Yuuka
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024